Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not quite the word I would have used

We were a bit surprised this morning when it was announced that the priesthood would be singing a musical item. Mainly as no one had told us this before hand. Which would have been bad enough if it was a hymn that everybody knew. However it wasn't, it was a hymn deep from the depths of the hymn book that are intended for Male voice choirs.

And finally to cap everything off we had no one on the piano to accompany us. I think the first verse can be best summed up by the words of our Sunday school teacher " It was certainly unique".

It's probably the last time the music director will let the priesthood sing without making sure we've had weeks of practise.

It's been a bit cold today as Grumpy decided to paint the windows in the Kitchen meaning he's had to leave the big window open all day as the paint drys. Well at least he did it today and not later in the week as their forcasting some heavy snow falls.

Which should making getting to work fun.


Later folks.

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