Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well that stopped being fun pretty quickly

I awoke this morning to find it had been snowing all night and was still snowing. Now I'm sure that if I had, had the day off or it was the weekend I would have been delighted, as I would have been able to go out and play in the snow.

However I didn't have the day off and it sure as sure wasn't the weekend. Which meant I had to face the drive to work and all of the stresses that entailed. And there was a lot of stress as there was a huge traffic jam. It took me nearly 45 miniutes just to get out of geektown and the journey to work usually only takes 15 minute all told!

In fact I barely managed to make it to work in time for the start of my shift so the rushing round and the fact I was very wound up from driving in snow ( my least favourite conditions) meant I was somewhat tense before the day even started.

Suffice to say it wasn't the best of days and coming home in the even worse driving conditions didn't help, especially when I came into the estate and came across a road which was quite literally a sheet of ice!

And to add to the fun according to weather reports things are supposed to get worse!

Oh well, I'l just have to take things nice and slow and hope I don't get so tense that my shoulder freeze.

Later folks.

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