Sunday, November 07, 2010

I remember those days

I was sitting at the back of the chapel next to photoshop today when his youngest lad slipped and smacked his head hard on the woodern pew with one of those thumps that makes every adult wince. He was a bit teary at first but all it took was a quick rub on his head from his Dad and he was quickly on his way, playing spaceships with his lego.

Which made me remember the days when I was that young and no matter what you hurt all it took was a quick rub, a hug or a kiss to make it better and everything was okay. If only things were that simple when you become an adult. Now you even bang your head slightly and your left moaning about the pain for ages, or gain a splitting headache for the rest of the day!

I've got a busy week this week chirch wise. It's FHE tomorrow, Monthly presidency meeting for the YSA on Tuesday, the weekly meeting and institute on Wednesday and we're supposed to be doing a service project on Thursday!

Something seems to have gone a touch wrong with the planning somewhere me thinks!

Well it's Monday tomorrow which means another week of work, opportunties to be solved and all round fun and games. I'm on lates which means I will get a nice lie in everyday. So yah!


Later Folks.

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