Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ice, ice, ice and frost

We've had a couple of very cold days, so that coupled with the early start has meant I've been coming out to the car each morning early to scrape the thick ice off the windows.

Of course with ice comes to the tension of driving because as long term readers will know I'm more then a little nervous about driving in icy conditions ( and have good reason too!)

There's no way round that though, so all I can do is take a deep breath and just take things nice and slow. Seeing as I have to go to work after all as they have that pesky rule about actually expecting you to turn up before they'll pay you :-)

It's also been a couple of odd days at work as it's been very busy, but no as busy as it usually is. Or to put it another way we've had less to do but it's taken more time.

If I'm making any sense whatsoever.

So it's wednesday tomorrow which I have no doubt with have the stereotypical mid week slump. But hey after that it's only two days till the weekend.

Later folks!

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