Saturday, November 06, 2010

Could have lived without knowing that

We were slightly perturbed at work to find out that apparently one of the bombs that were discovered last week was defused with only 17 minutes to spare ( which sounds like a lot but when you think about the total travel time was nothing at all). Now no one has said which bomb this was, it could have been the one which was across the road from us or it could have been one of the ones in the USA but still the possiblity of being that close to one that could have gone off. Because as far as knew it was a failed bomb ( as in it hadn't gone boom).

Unsurprisingly it did spark another round of what ifs. What if it had gone off? Would a bomb that size have done anything to our building etc? However the conversation didn't go on as long as you would think because I think most people realised that there was no point dwelling on the what ifs, because if you do always look for the worse case you might as well stay at home hiding under a desk. There are somethings in life you just can not control

I thought after several weeks I might get a real proper saturday morning lie in today. Then I remembered that once again I would be denied as I had to go in and help clean the chapel as it was my "assigned" turn. Previously they had asked for volunteers before they announced they were switching to assignments as it would be easier for people to plan ( I.e not enough people volunteered I bet). It was someone long and tedious as the our chapel was quite big! The only thing I found amusing was due to my attention to detail I was finding the places that had been skimped on in the past ( I.e top of door frames and windows) as people only cleaned the bits they could see!

Meanwhile Grumpy has kept himself busy most of the day by fixing and painting the window sills in the bathroom which now look pretty darn good as they match the rest of the bathroom, as he got rid of the last of rubbish that had been left from the building work down the tip yesterday, he just has to finish the door frame and the bathroom will be complete.

Just in time for us to start on redecorating the hall :-)

Later Folks!

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