Sunday, November 28, 2010


It was rather cold last night. In fact so cold I had some Ice form on the inside of my bedroom window. Which was somewhat puzzling at first until I happened to put my hand on the top of my radiator and realised that it was stone cold.

Yes, Mr Observant here had failed to notice that the radiator had steadly been getting colder from the top down. Basically it had rather a lot of air trapped in, but no problem all I needed was to put the radiator Key, let the air out and bingo one hot radiator and one warm room.

Easy right?

Yes, very easy indeed.......... If you actually have a radiator key. After a long search which may have involved one or two sear words as I proceeded to turn the house upside down I had to conclude that our radiator key has disappeared somewhere into that great mysterious location that houses the spare back door key, My phone charger and Grumpys gloves and one of his slippers. We don't know much about this location, only that it must exist outside of time and space as it can never be located and every house seems to have one.

Fortunatly Tap Dance had one we could borrow so I now have a nice warm room once again.

I am starting to feel a little left out on Sunday nights because as I don't watch the X-factor I have now idea whats going on with the show so I can't join in with the flood of status updates from everybody giving their views on the show. Maybe I should try and come up with some sort of generic status updates
" I pleased/unhappy that whichever contestant has been portrayed as villian by the media this week has been voted off/survived for another week".

Well it could work.


Later folks

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