Tuesday, November 02, 2010

365 days

This morning I went into work and logged on for my start of my shift as normal. However it wasn't a normal day as there was something different about today. As it was approximately one year ago today that a very different saxon, a rather nervous, somewhat confidence battered Saxon had entered the conference room which is directly above my Desk for the first day of training for what should have been a temporary three month job.

What have I got from my year at my new job? Well lets see, CIS Status, a NVQ, over a dozen self taugh courses complete, two security certificates, a company award. a promotion, more substantional pay increases then I had in the past seven, a lot more money, shortened journey time to work and lets not forget a rebuilt self confidence and self belieft in myself.

Even if I have to go to work in grown up clothes :-)

Somebody asked me if I miss my old job and occasionally I do. But far less then I used to. A year is a long time. Even the things which I found hurtful, the ignoring of my emails, not sending me copies of the books I proof read etc don't really bother me anymore. What happened, happened. No amount of wishing or thinking will change that.

If I'm brutally honest I'm probably in a better place then I was. I've accomplished a lot in the past twelve months that I'm proud of.

May the next twelve months be as equally productive!

Later folks

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