Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's that snow

Well I woke this morning to find it had snowed. Yah!!

Well actually not so much as we had only gotten at most a few cm's which quickly melted in most places as the day wore on. Not that Owen minded of course as he thought all of the snow made his morning walk terrific fun. He was so happy when he came back, that whilst he was wagging his tail so hard his hips were moving as well.

The town was quite packed today as a lot of people seem to be starting their christmas shopping. In a effort to beat the crowds I'm taking Friday off to go and do most if not all of my Christmas shopping. I just can't decided whether to go in Leicester, Nottingham or Derby.

Our team at work is going out for a Christmas meal this week. Admitially not to the most christmassy of venues ( it's a curry house) but it will still be fun to actually go out for a meal with some people. We'll just have to try and find something else to talk about asides from work though.

Which will be harder then it sounds because a lot of other stuff you could talk about, we already talk about at work anyway. Although we could always talk about Misfits and the x-factor some more.

Not that I watch x-factor mind you but I am wondering if I should start simply so I don't feel left out on a Sunday evening with everyone else posting status updates about how much they disagree with the latest result.


Later folks.

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