Saturday, November 27, 2010

It could work

Now unlike a lot of Judge Dredd fans I thought the Dredd Movie was actually okay. It wasn't a masterpiece and lets face it, it was certainly never going to be Oscar worthy, but right up until the point that Dredd took his helmet off it was pretty much classic dredd.

For those of you who actually have lives outside of Sci fi and ever wonder what the big issue with the helmet removal was with Fans, basically Judge Dredd never removes his helmet and on the handful of occasions where he has you have never, ever seen his face.

It was after he removed the helmet that things went downhill pretty fast but there was more down to a important thing called a sensible plot being missing from the film. But as a generic action style film to waste a little time when you have nothing better to do it ain't half bad.

So I was intrigued to see this picture surface recently from the new Judge Dredd film that has quietly gone into production in South Africa. This is the new Dredd and you can almsot hear the knifes being pulled and the torches being lit as fanboys start to scream about the changes to his uniform. Still I think it's a good sign and gives a indication that these makers will stay a lot closer to the "Dredd" that we all know and love.

My optimism might be foolishly misplaced but I guess we'll see in 2012 won't we?

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