Sunday, November 14, 2010

Useful for something

I was quite pleased this morning that I was presented with my first opportunity to help out somebody from church with the knowledge from my new job. Now I say new but I guess it really isn't anymore as I've been there a year but I digress.

Nemesis's friend who is studying over here in the UK, now I call her Nemesis friend as I don't really know her well enough yet to give her a nickname. See there is a method to the codenames on this blog, it may be simple like me but there's still a method.

and I'm digressing yet again.

Well she needs to send some stuff back to the USA and I was actually able to give her advice! Not only that I'm going to be checked some stuff up at work and then letting her know what she needs to know in order to get her stuff into the USA.

So not only was I able to answer her questions I was surprised at how well I could answer them, with a certainty that only used to be matched by my knowledge of Space Marine power armour.

I feel so grown up.

Of course this conversation only came about as the YSA were chatting during Sunday school during a unscheduled break in our lesson when the teacher had to go and change her Daughters Nappy. And at least it was something else to talk about asides from how much we hate the new classroom.

Yes, after many years the YSA Sunday school class has been demoted upstairs and now meets in the front foyer. Which although is technically the front of the building most people consider it the back as the car park entrance where everybody comes in, is usually what most people consider the front. It too has a foyer both upstairs and downstairs where a new couch has been put in as part of the YSA outreach centre. So we have a front and rear foyer technically even though it will depend on who you ask as to which foyer is which.

Confused? Try meeting in the building.

I got home a little earlier then usual from church as I didn't have to give Physics a lift home as he was going to walk with a group of students. Not that I blame him at all as if I had the choice between Female company and my company I too would plump for the female company.

Which although sounds bad and that I need to work on my social skills or get out more... or less.... you get what I mean.

I was in the midst of cleaning blitz this evening when I got the feeling I was forgetting something. And for once the feeling was correct, I had actually forgotten something. Of course irony being what it is, it only came to me aproximatly one hour too late.

I forget the CES broadcast at the stake centre. D'ohh!! I didn't get any text messages mind you asking where I was which leads me to a number of possible conclusions. I'm going to get my wrists majorly slapped at the next presidency meeting, or nobody noticed I wasn't there, or nobody cared I wasn't there. All three each equally plausible. Of course a fourth explanation is that nobody from the presidency was there which means we're all going to be in a lot of trouble at the next meeting.

Random thought of the day was about the remake of the planets of the Apes movies. And no it wasn't about the plot which I still don't get. If the planet was unihabited, and the apes were the descendents of the apes from the ship, and the humans were the descendents of the humans from the ship, where did the horses come from?

Later Folks.

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