Monday, November 08, 2010

And that will be winter kicking in

Well it's been a miserable day today weather wise. It quite literally did not stop raining the whole day and to add to the fun there was a rather nasty cold wind blowing as well! Grumpy and Owen came back from their morning walk before I left for work and to say the pair of them were a little wet would be a massive understatement!

It was also a extremely busy day at work today as two of our team were off ill and Mondays are a busy day anyway. Which meant all of my speed typing ability, time keeping and general all round problem solving were being put to a huge test.

Driving home wasn't fun, as being on the late shift it was very dark by the time I had finished and there was lots and lots of surface water around. Fortunatly for a nice change all of the lunatic drivers seemed to be off the roads ( maybe they were busy getting their tea :-)


Later folks

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