Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wanted. One replacement knee.

Yes, I'm afraid so Sports fans, the anti-inflammatorys appear to have had bugger all effect, so it's back to the Doctors I go. I'm thinking I might have a bit of a problem here :-( Please Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. On the plus side as I've finished the course of anti-inflammatorys I can know start taking some ibuprofen for the pain, so I should feel a bit more comfortable now.

The TV is definitely buggered. No two ways about it. So We've currently swapped it for my TV from my room. However it does look rather ridiculous and like we left the old TV in a puddle of water or something and it shrank. I'm not sure if Grumpy is going to spring for a new TV because he was moaning last night that there's nothing ever on I wanna watch anyway" oh and he seems to have managed to get something stuck on the iron so when he's been trying to iron some of his shirts, he's been leaving nice black marks on them. So when I suggested that he should buy a new iron his response was " A new iron and TV, I'm not made of money!" Because of course a new iron costs the same as a new TV. That comment did make me ponder what exactly the hell he is doing with his wages each month.

It's institute again tonight, so it's time for me to play taxi again. I know it sounds sad but it is a lot of fun to be able to drive and have some people to talk to. Also Brothers H's lessons are extremely good as well :-) I have also discovered from Nemesis why the message didn't get through to the Elders. It seems JH is currently out of the country. D'ooh! Why did no one mention that before. As if facing the elders this Sunday wasn't going to be bad enough. Well I suppose one bad bit of news deserves another and I'm sure that Nemesis will be delighted to hear that Lilly Allen is moving to the USA in a attempt to 'crack the American market'. Now how did Nemesis put her her opinion of her again? Oh yes I think it was " Lily Allen, whose accent makes me want to jam a skewer in my ear".

Right Umm what else? Oh yes LDS linkup update, I'm all the way up to '19 friends', still only three comments though. Again I'm fairly certain this goes back to the whole 'people don't know me that well' but I guess we'll see if that changes as the year moves on.




Anonymous said...

Okay, hold up. My understanding was that bu**ered was a bad word in the UK. Is that not right? It is so hard to keep track of these things!

Anonymous said...

Also, Lily Allen.


Saxon said...

it used to be a bad word but most people these days don't consider it to be a bad word anymore. compared with some other words it's extremely tame.

Anonymous said...

Is it considered tame among Church people, though? Because I once accidentally used it around a Church member and they were kind of horrified, so I just assumed it was still bad.

banana said...

It is a very bad word (especially if you know what it actually means) - and as I was reading I was thinking 'Im not sure I want to come here any more because his langauge is getting worse each time I read. Which is a shame as I like to visit.

Saxon said...

okay. I've always considered it tame but I have to admit i don't know the exact meaning of it, so I make sure I don't use it again.

Banana, I've checked back through my blog and I don't think I've been using terrible language. But your welcome to your own opinion and if you don't want to visit anymore thats fine. I'm sorry I offended you.