Thursday, September 07, 2006

ask and ye shall receive

Well one of them might have heard me as I got a txt last night from Cz (I'm having real trouble thinking of a code name for her) and smooth. It looks like we'll be having a barbecue at the chapel on Friday night at 7. Argghhh, why do they insist on starting things at 7pm on a Friday. It's fine for everyone else but some of us don't get home to 6.30ish which will leave me about 15 minutes to get changed, shower etc. But lets see am I really that bothered about only have 15 minutes when I will be spending the whole evening with the lovely ladies of the the YSA? ermm nope, nope and nope!

Grumpy has the car again today, as he really, really, really didn't want to stay at home again. I think he's possible one of the handful of people I know who is actively looking forward to the end of his holiday so he can get back to work! I just hope he remembers where the car park is this time because when he took the car on Tuesday, he parked it then went and forgot where the car park was . D'ohh :-)

Well update on next door, the huge uber skip has now gone and they have finished tearing up their original driveway. A smaller skip has appeared on the road. Two vans were already there when I left for work this morning, so we still have no idea just what the heck is going on. Any suggestions? Anyone??

Well lets see, what's in the news today. The launch of Atlantis has been scrubbed for yet another day. Blair is apparently going to give a date for when he's going to step down as prime Minster. Germaine greer has caused a storm by labeling Steve Irwin by saying he was a "embarrassment" and a "self-deluded animal torturer." Nice and I wonder what people will say about you when you die and that girl who was held captive in Austria for eight years has given her first interview. Not exactly earth shattering news I'm sure you'll agree.

Amazon update. My Calvin and Hobbes set has been dispatched so I'm finnalllyyyyy going to get my hands on the darn thing. I've also found the most intriguing book ever and I'm seriously tempted to buy it just to see what it's like. It's the dummies guide to Mormonism. Yes you heard that correctly, The dummies guide to Mormonism ( you know the ones, the big yellow books like Dummies guide to Windows, Dummies guide to the internet etc). they had a few pages online that you could flip through and it looks quite interesting. I'm not sure what some church members will make of it though, although one of the two authors is a former editor of the Ensign so I'm hopeful that it will be fairly balanced (fingers crossed).

Well asides from that not much else is going on really, so


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