Monday, September 18, 2006

spekease engalish?

I saw this, this morning on a news website and could not believe the sheer 'specialness' of it. A defense company is working on " environmentally friendly" Munitions ( I.e bullets and bombs) including lead free bullets. But the best part of the story had to be the quote from the companies website that stated " lead used in ammunition can harm the environment and pose a risk to people". Yeap you read that right, that lead used in munitions can prove to be a risk to people, but apparently the explosive used in the munitions and the fact that they tend to leave large holes in people is perfectly okay. As long as we don't damage the countryside. Words now fail me...........

But not for long. Okay mild rant over. I'm baaaccckkkk! Yes after a weekend of no internet due to the computer at home being bust still, I'm able to get back onto the net using the computers in the canteen at work. Just in case the one or two of you who actually read this thing was wondering where I was.

Well I was right and there was a YSA activity on Friday. Unfortunately it was all the way across in Peterborough and I felt tired enough just driving home from work. It was a hard decision as I did want to go but for once I decided to listen to my common sense ( I do have some it's just very, very small :-) and not go. As a hour and a half drive each way just seemed like a recipe for disaster.

I was not a happy bunny on Saturday morning. Well as I'm sure most of you will guess Grumpy had something to do with it. As he was going out in the afternoon and evening he wanted to get into town early to do the shopping. Which is fine, however his idea of 'early' on a Saturday is far too early for me. I like to have a nice lie in when I can, however that's a totally different thing for grumpy because as he usually gets up at 4.30am a two hour lie in for him would only take him to 6.30am, and so on and so on. Which usually means muggins here, only gets a very short lie in when compared to him! However I suppose it could be worse and that I was having to get up at 4.30am each morning. As that would play havoc with me attempting to have any sort of social life. not that I have much of one anyway ( example for the prosecution! my Dad was out on a Saturday night and I was at home with the TV. Which as interesting as it is, you can't have a decent conversation with it. Although I suppose if it did start talking to me that would mean I have a whole other set of problems then not being out on a Saturday night :-)

We had a CES broadcast + Institute sign up last night. The talk was by Elder Eyring adn was very good. Although It was slightly amusing at the beginning as the YSA displayed a impressive example of MMT when they arrived in dribs and drabs. During the broadcast some lads came into the car park and were smoking and sitting on Brother H's car. He went out to have a word with them and asked if there was a problem with his car. The Lads sitting on the car literally jumped a foot and seemed totally flummoxed as Brother H stayed calm and polite the whole time. It seemed like they just couldn't deal with politeness which was a fascinating thing to observe. Also I'm going to be a taxi again for Institute but this time rather then SW it will be her sister Traveler and her brother. ( Haven't thought of a code name for him yet) going to have to I suppose.

I had a sorta bad news/good news kinda day at work today. Bad news, the boss doesn't want us to be shut over News years and Christmas like last year, so I'm going to have to come in for at least one possibly two days . Good news I have more holiday then I thought left so over the next two and a half months I get three weeks of with full pay. Woo hoo! Result! Just not got a clue what the heck I'm going to do. ( yes life's tough isn't it :-)

Nemesis is home and she's checked in on her blog. It is still a very strange thought that she's gone from being a few minutes down the road, to the other side of the world in what I think is the furtherest possible time zone. However I think the views of the countryside round her parents house look amazing. Maybe it's the whole familiarity thing, where you get used to the countryside around you and don't think anything of it but views from other countries look amazing.

who knows?


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