Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That's not customer service. This is customer service!

Well I'm about to become a companies worst nightmare. Mwah, ha, ha!!! But seriously before you all start to wonder if I've lost the small amount of sanity I have left let me explain.

For my birthday I got some gift certificates to use on a certain very well known internet shopping site to get the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection. Now unfortunately I accidentally pushed the wrong button and the order went through. So I emailed the seller asking them not to process the order and I would replace it using the certificates. However the seller emailed me back and said they had already processed the order and shipped it and as it was with the seller there was nothing they could do. annoying but not a lot I could do about it. I decided that I had used the certificates in 'spirit' on the Calvin and Hobbes collection and as I was planning to get something else I used the certificates on them instead.

so I was more then surprised to get a email three days later from the seller to inform me that they were unable to fulfill my order and could not ship it. So one day it has been shipped and they can't get it back yet three days later they can't fulfill the order or ship it. So does anyone else see the problem here? hmmm? there short email also said that I would receive a confirmation that the refund procedure had started with in three working days, note not completed merely a confirmation that I would be getting a refund, but the best bit had to be the end of the email asking me to give feedback for them when asked. oh I will be doing that allright, on that they can be assured. I sent them a email demanding a explanation ( hey I decided I was going to be a snotty customer for once.) It's been over a day since I sent that email and still no reply. Hmmmmm. The other annoying thing is they had let me know this sooner I would have still had the certificates to use @%%**!"£$%£$%&

So why am I going to be this companies worst nightmare. firstly I've had plenty of experience with annoying customers so I know exactly which buttons to push to be one myself if I don't get a reply soon and second I know all the usual excuses so there's absolutely no way their going to be able to fob me off with a lame excuse or a lie. Let battle commence! I'll let you know how it goes.

Well grumpy ran me into work this morning as he wanted to borrow the car. He's still on Holiday, he had to take two weeks off as it was a "use it or lose it" kinda deal. So he's spending most of the time around the house as is slowly going crazy :-) Not that he's doing any of the housework to keep himself busy mind you :-) As long as he pays for petrol I don't care where he goes.

Something's going on with the house next door. It's been empty for months and all of a sudden a huge skip appeared on the driveway and when I say huge I mean it's the length of the driveway huge! The workmen who've appeared seem to have completely gutted the inside of the house, there's chairs, wardrobes, beds, cupboards etc all piled up in the skip. On the grass near the end of our drive what look like the components for a shed have been delivered, and yet another workman turned up this morning and began to remove the pebble/gravel form their front 'garden' ( the stones etc are there in place of a lawn.) So we've got no idea if the original owners are moving back in or if we're about to get new neighbors. It's very strange. I guess I'll keep you posted there too.

Well that's about it for today. so


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