Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm all confused

Well it's hard enough to wake up and get out of bed at the best of times. Unfortunately this morning wasn't the best of times. I woke up and tried to move to discover my lower right leg had cramped up during the night and in almost the same instant I tried to move it, it started to hurt. A lot. So as the pain hit I flung my arm out and being the clever person I arm managed to whack my hand on the edge of my wardrobe right on it's edge, right across the center of my palm. So after finally managing to hobble out of bed I tripped on a bag I had left on the floor and banged my head on the door frame. So within 2 minutes of waking up this morning, I couldn't walk very well, had almost managed to break my hand and had given myself a headache. I don't know if that qualifies me as 'special' or a 'Klutz'. You decide.

I didn't help my headaches when I got to work this morning and tried to figure out where Nemesis is currently. If my very bad math's is right I think she's just about landing in Alaska now if not already home. Argghh this is so confusing trying to figure out timezones! Well I don't think anything YSA is going on this evening. Well emphasis on think but knowing the usual YSA organizational skill they probably won't decide until this evening anyway :-)

Also ironically I've now misplaced my Sunglasses just as the sunny weather comes back. I'm sure I've probably put them in the same safe place that I put my pen from YSA convention in. I'm just hoping that considering the general state of the house that I don't put more things into 'safe places', such as my keys or wallet. Coz then I'll have a big problem.

Well we're just about to have a big office move round at work, so I'll be loosing my current desk with it lots of space :-( On the plus side I will get a desk in a corner so I wouldn't have to try and struggle to hear customers when there are loads of people yakking behind me and also no one will be able to see what I'm doing. Ya!!!!!! Oops, said that one out loud didn't I? Got to stop saying the loud things quiet and the quiet things loud!

Well after the interesting chat I had with Banana on Sunday I had two very interesting chats with Joey and SL who I shall henceforth refer to as Sage at nemesis's leaving party. I wasn't able to take many photos at the party as a couple of people complained and the owners of the house 'warned' me not to take any photos with out asking permission. So as soon as the first person said no that was that as I really didn't want to risk being chucked out of the house. However LS volunteered to help and he went round taking photos instead and unsurprisingly the people who objected to me taking a photo had no problems with him taking photos. Maybe he was asking permission who knows? It's just I never like 'posed' photos, I prefer to take 'action' shots, if you guys now what I mean?...............................................

Right sorry what was I saying? Yes the talks with Sage and Joey, both were very interesting and got me thinking again. ( see I've actually been thinking about things for the best part of a week. Must be some sort of record, better be careful here, people might start thinking I actually have some small amount of intelligence next :-)

Right so what was the point to all this pondering and thinking I hear you ask? ( well at least the one or two of you I'm think read this thing from time to time might be). I've realized that no one in the YSA truly knows the 'real me' anymore, they are know one of the sort of 'mini-mes' ( please bear with me, I've not finally lost my marbles, it does make a twisted sort of sense if you let me explain) It feels like their are three 'mini-me's. A Work me, A church me and then the 'actual me'. Most people will see the first two, but I don't think there's anyone anymore in the YSA who knows the third me. Which to be perfectly honest is something I don't like. Well I now feel more accepted as part of the YSA, I suppose it's time I start opening up more, so they get to know the real me. Lets see how they goes, shall we? ( i hope that makes at least a sliver of sense)

Well I suppose if there's nothing onto night it will just be me, the TV and the DVD player once again.........................*sigh*

I really need to get out more.


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