Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got some happy pills, hap hap happy pills

Oops where does the time go? You forget to do one blog post and before you know it you've missed four. Whose a naughty boy Saxon? that would be me :-) Right so where to begin.

I went to the Doctors to get them to have a look at my knee. Her best bet was that I did sprain it while at the YSA convention and it had healed sought of, but I then aggravated it and managed to turn it into a really bad sprain and before any of your ask I have absolutely no idea what I did which managed to aggravate it! So I'm currently on Diclofenac tablets, which are anti-inflammatory pills which I hope will sort it otherwise it's back to the doctors and a visit to their physio.

Institute was fun. Especially playing taxi again. It's nice to drive with someone else other then grumpy. Although I had a full car with Traveler and both of her Brothers J + G and they were able to witness first hand my terrible taste in music :-) The institute class had about 25 people all told in the end ( various people were coming in during the evening) and was to it's usual high standard with brother H teaching. The activity afterwards was speed-meeting. It's like speed dating but as there weren't equal numbers of guys and girls they couldn't call it speed dating it had to be speed meeting ( well I think that was the name they finally decided upon I'm not sure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was fun getting to talk to some of the young ladies from Leicester way more. I also posted some pictures from Nemesis's leaving party up on the main board which people seemed to like. Brother H has said that they want to do a 'competition' to find the best photo. I also agreed with the girls who objected to photos at Nemesis's party that it would be okay to take photos in future, as long as they got to see them first. So result there me thinks.

I was supposed to be helping at the helping hands day on Saturday but seeing as my knee, and not to put too fine a point on it was buggered, I thought it was a really really bad plan, especially as I was going to have to work at a 'huge' event for work the following day. So I got hold of JH's phone number from cordeila and I tried to ring her several times to let her know I couldn't make it and that she needed to organise a alternative lift for the elders. There was no answer but I left a couple of message. Unfortunately it appears she didn't get it as I got a call Saturday afternoon from the elders asking me where I was. I know, I know before you all start yelling at me that I should have checked with them but I didn't have their contact number but I thought JH as the organizer had sorted it. Trust me regardless of what you say you have no chance of making me feel worst about what happened then I already do. Especially as one of the sets of Elders only moved into the ward last week. Not quite the 1st impression of the ward they should have received. :-(

Well I had to go to bed early on Saturday. Really earrrlllllllyyyyyy. 9pm. Well that's early for me as I had to get up early for the big work event the following day. However it didn't do me much good as I'm fairly certain I lay there for nearly a hour and a half before I went to sleep. Oh well ..But I then had to get up at 4.30am the following morning. Yes you read that right, I can attest that there is such a time as 4.30am on a Sunday morning and I firmly hope that I do not see that time again until next year. So after creeping round the house on tippy toes not to wake grumpy I headed out into the night/very early morning. The radio wasn't much help as they only seemed to be playing soft/easy listening style music which is now what you want to hear at that time of the morning when you'd much rather be in bed. However I got to work with no problems only to discover I had arrived nearly half an hour before I had to. Mental note, traffic will not be a bad at 5am as it is at 8.30am. Can you say, " Saxon is a Muppet" I think ya can.

Well the day went very well, even if by the end of the day my feet were killing me ( new gel insoles so did not work!) and the only thing keeping my knee working was the support bandage I was using. However it was a good day and the main thing I was grateful for is that I don't have to do it again for another year. I got home however to discover that grumpy had been really kind and considerate and left all of the washing up from that day for me to do. Arrgghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I swear he has some inbuilt genetic trigger or something which means he is incapable of cleaning up after himself.

Grumpy became a little less grumpy this week as Engineseer came over and fixed his computer which means he can now get email again. However the first time he downloaded email it took him nearly two hours to download the backlog. Over 1500 emails and ironically only three were actual emails he wanted. The rest were all spam and junk. I think you can all imagine how he took that.

However as one thing was fixed, something else decided to break. I was watching the TV before I came out this morning and the picture started to flicker accompanied by a distinct smell of burning. So as quick as a flash, or as quick as a flash of my size could move which in fact would be that quick of flashy I turned the TV off and unplugged it from the wall. I then pull it out so it was well away from the curtain and I guess we'll have a look at it tonight. My money's on us having to buy a new one.

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

JH has been out of the country this past week. So that's probably why you didn't get ahold of her. :-)

Hope your knee is feeling better!

Saxon said...

well that explains that then. :-)