Monday, September 04, 2006

He's not a blogger. He's a very naughty boy

Oops, once again I've missed posting things for a couple of days but I'm back now, I've not gone anywhere yet. Wait who just booed ? :-)

Well for those of you who haven't seen it, Steven irwin " the crocodile hunter" has died after being stung in the chest by a stringray. Which means we've had to put up with the Stingray and 'crikey' jokes all morning. such as " I bet he wasn't expecting that to happen in the next half hour" " Crikey this is a shock" etc, etc. It's getting really, really old, really quickly.

Right, so lets see what did I get up to over the weekend. Well lets see if there's anything interesting that won't send you all off to sleep. ( not much chance of that I know, but I'll give it a shot)

Friday night was Enginseers 'toast' party. He and his brothers have moved into their new digs. It's a very snazzy house but the space rapidly runs out when you pack it full of YSA. I took a few bits and pieces with me which all seemed to go down very well ( excuse the pun) especially the super toastie bread which is awful when it comes to sandwiches but absolutely gorgeous when it's toasted. It was a very enjoyable evening although the conversation somehow got onto the topic of dating and I didn't obey my usual instinct in such conversations. In other words I didn't shut up and kept talking mainly against social as she was the most vocal from the girls sides. More amazingly people seemed to understand what I was getting at, so hey maybe I do have a small amount of intelligence after all :-)

Saturday morning? Well that was the usual going into Loughborough and getting the shopping etc. On the way grumpy wanted us to drop some mail off with mum who has now told him which street she living on. She was just getting out of her car when we arrived so no awkward moments there fortunately. Shopping was the usual fun and games and again as per usual we got fish and chips for dinner. Not terribly original I know, but there you go.

In the afternoon we took a trip out to Nottingham to a rather famous furniture store, I'm sure you can all guess the name to get a new bookcase that I could put in the dinning so I could store some of my stupidly large collection of books down there. While I looked at the bookcases grumpy said he would go down to have a look at the size of the packaging for the bookcase. I confirmed that he would come back once he had. Unfortunately what he heard was that he would meet me at the bookcases, as in further on in the store where you pick them up from. So I was waiting around for nearly fifty minutes before we straightened that out. Now as it was such a large bookcase, grumpy trundled off with a tape measure to see if it would fit in the car. He came back a few minutes later to announce it would, just! When we got it outside I waited while he went to get the car, one thing I did notice was that there were huge bollards in the loading zone set about a foot back from the kerb, so when you car/van backed in you can't get your trolley right up to it. In fact you can't fit the trolleys through the gap Why this is the case I have no idea maybe their worried that people will nick the trolleys. Anyway Grumpy arrived and he was right, with the seats down and the passenger seat forward, it was possible to fit the bookcase in. Just! However there was one glaring problem. Me! Although we could fit the bookcase in, there was no way I could fit in! So Grumpy had to drive all the way home, offload the bookcase, then come all the way back to pick me up ( I was sitting in the restaurant), to drive all the way home again. Oh lots of fun. Not! Suffice to say by the time we got home neither of us was interested in trying to put the darn thing together that night. We left it propped up on the stairs.

It was a large chunk of Sunday afternoon that we spent on putting the darn thing up and then transferring my books from upstairs. On the plus side I now have a looootttt more room, in my room. After moving so much stuff around and off the floor I've even discovered a strange substance which I'm informed is called 'carpet' and apparently all bedrooms have it. Who knew :-)

Well that's about it. Not a lot for a whole weekend I know. However unlike most weekends I did actually manage to do something constructive with my time. hurrah. Maybe there's hope yet.


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