Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm not crazy. The voices in my head told me so :-)

Okey Dokey. Which one of these do you think made my weekend?

1) Finally getting my sweaty little mits onto my Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection.

2) Investing in a new digital camera which is quite frankly wonderful, you can see some of the pics below. the different between it and my old camera is amazing.

3) Managed to actually organise some of the YSA and being told it was a good idea. ( Mark this day! Mark it well everyone. Saxon Finally Had a good idea! spread the word! )

4) The look on Engineseers brothers face when I took a shortcut on the way back to their house from Bradgate park and was sitting outside their house already waiting for them when they got back.

Well as most of you can probably guess it wasn't one of them. It was all of them :-) Yes remarkably, I have had what I can call a good and productive weekend ( It's the seventh sign, the apocalypse is coming, run away, run away!) Asides from a couple of miss steps one of which involved Grumpy, white spirit and the washing up bowl (please don't ask).

As it was Nemesis's last Sunday and it was a very nice afternoon I suggested to some YSA that we head up to Bradgate park and as I mentioned earlier people thought it was a good idea and agreed. Wow people actually listened. Whatever next? Nemesis, C who hence forth shall be known as Boss lady (well it's the only thing I can think of and she is the ward YSA rep) and SM all gave talks in sacrament and they were all fantastic as usual. But then Brother mcreynolds mentioned something along the lines of the Talks being given by the Young ladies of the YSA, which suddenly gave me the nasty thought that maybe their going to ask some of the Young men of YSA to give talks as well. So I think I'm going to duck and hide for the next few weeks if I see any member of the Bishopric coming my way. But come to think of it I can't remember the last time I actually gave a talk anyway. I think and this is a big think that it was back in the days of Coalville branch!

Well just before leaving to head out to bradgate I got a call from Engineseer, as Boss lady needed a lift there.So I ended up going the long way round to Bradgate which wasn't helped by the roadwork's in the town centre, but hey c'est la vie. I think grumpy was in a bit of a mood as well as he had wanted to go to the co-op to get some cereal and stuff but didn't want to walk. Hey at the end of the day. It's my car! So it was a nice drive up to Bradgate and unlike the other YSA I do not trust parking out on the road so I parked in the car park. Which is a lot safer but hideously expensive. For over three hours it's £5. Yes you heard that right £5. I was parked in one of the two overflow car parks with at least 35 other cards, the other overflow was full, the main car park was full and I'm reasonably certain that the other two main car parks would have been equally full, so the money the park was raking in that afternoon is quite simply mind boggling. Mind you I remember the days when there was just a little metal box in the car park with a sign asking for voluntary contributions.

We walked half of the way into the park before trying to call the others and finding out they hadn't arrived yet. You see I had forgot to take into account the MMT ( Mormon Mean time) that most YSA operate on, so we then had to walk all the way back to the enterance and wait for the other to arrive. So after they had arrived we had a great afternoon wandering around the park and it gave me the excuse to try out my shiny new camera. In case you hadn't guessed the photos in the latest 'make a caption' posts all come from Sunday. Although he said he was coming, Smooth failed to put in a appearance, although to be fair to him with his new "not officially girlfriend their just seeing how things go" ( I'm told that makes sense somehow, somewhere in some sorta dimension) having come to visit him and it was her birthday we could see how he had better things to be getting up to. Although when me and Engineseer were joking about it, Banana ( r u keeping up with all the code names here peeps?) seemed a bit surprised at the choice of code name for him and said she thought he wasn't that smooth. But from our POV he seems to be to us. It's all just a matter of interpretation. Ahh ,oops, that sounded a bit philosophical there. Better stop that coz next thing you know people might think I had brain and have some sorta intelligence. Can't have that now :-) Although Banana (who is one of the smartest and wisest people I know) and I did have a very interesting chat when we were walking up to the ruins which did get me thinking, a lot and still has me pondering a few things. Uh oh, philosophy, thinking and pondering. Who knows where this will end?

After the park, Engineseer invited all those who were left by that point to go back to His. His Brother Ben came back with me. Now the others were ahead of us on the way home, but now although I'm not one of those YSA who speeds or " Drives at a speed appropriate to the local road conditions and situation", so I usually end up at the back of any YSA convoys, I did spy a opportunity to display that sometimes speed can simply not compare to local Knowledge and went a different way to the others. Which did mean that we were sitting on the road outside of their house for a good 3 or 4 minutes before engineseer appeared. The look on his brothers face was worth the effort all by itself. He, he, he, he, he, he, he, he.

Well Grumpy is back at work and seems a bit happier (for him at least), although he has now starting wondering exactly what he's going to do with his time once he's retired. The other thing which hasn't helped his mood is that his computer is broken again. so we can't access the internet from home at the minute. I'm having to use the very 'slllooowww' computers in the canteen here at work. Engineseer might be able to help us out with it, although he didn't appear last night to come and pick some bookcases up. Dunno where he was, "maybe a spook got him man, their everywhere" ( He'll get that at least if none of the rest of you do :-)

anyway, that's all for now.

so later!

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