Friday, September 08, 2006

Saxon Vs Irony 2 : The wrath of saxon (updated)

Welcome sports Fan to a very exciting series of match ups. We’re yyour quest blog writers for the evening. Jim and Bob.
They sure are bob. Once again the might Saxon with his motto of “ never give up, never think things through” is back to challenge the all seeing might of that great universal constant “ irony”
He sure is Jim, and after last Time you really thought he would know better.

Match 1 “ Workload”
Saxon 0 Irony 1

Well Jim Irony is off to a early lead where did it all go wrong for saxon?
Well bob you see he knew that there was a YSA activity on tonight so he decided that he would be all the effort he could into clearing all his workload so he could leave dead on time
Ouch Jim, you would have thought he would have know better then that wouldn’t you. I expect irony hit back Hard.
It sure did bob, two minutes before the end of the day he got a text to say the activity was cancelled because two many people were going dancing. So Saxon didn’t need to rush after all
You can say that again Bob.
You can stop saying it now bob.

Match 2 “ Carless”
Saxon 0 Irony 2

Oh dear Bob. Irony has struck again and is the lead by two. How did this happen.
Well Jim irony followed up it’s first strike in the first match with a second equalling telling strike.
You don’t mean?
Yes I do Jim. With no reason for Saxon to rush home the worst possible thing happen. The roads were clear he made it in excellent time.
Oh dear, is there anyway can Saxon come back from this?

Match 3: “ It’s all cheap”
Saxon 0 Irony 3

Well Bob I thought there might be some hope of saxon turning this around but it just wasn’t to be was it?
That’s right Jim, not only was he persuaded to go and and try dancing he found he needed some petrol for his Car.
Oh only one petrol station on the way and it’s the most exspensive one right?
It was Jim, but it must have been owned by irony as it’s petrol was the cheapest around.
That’s doesn’t sound very ironic.
It was Jim as the one time he actually wanted to go to that station it was shut
Once again. Ouch!

Match 4“ Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no”
Saxon 0 Irony 4

Well once again Saxon has been pounded into the floor by irony hasn’t he bob.
Yes he has Jim, he had just pulled onto the road in Loughborough where he was supposed to meet up with some YSA.
I think I know what’s coming next bob.
That’s right Jim, he got a text saying that the Dancing was cancelled.
Oh, that’s got hurt.
Well it could have been worst Jim
How’s that bob.
He could have actually been knocking on the door when he receiving the text.
Well that would have been embarrassing.

So they you have it folks. Once again Saxon has seen fit to try and do things and has upset irony, and as many people know you don’t tick off irony.
That’s right bob
Do you think he’s learned his lesson yet Jim?
Well lets see bob. Twice now he’s summoned up all his courage to try and do something he wouldn’t do usually and that’s twice he’s crashed and burned. So hopefully he’ll remember the old adage “ Three strikes and your out” and listen to the voice in his head saying it’s a bad idea
Well I guess we’ll see on that score wouldn’t we jim?
We sure will bob.

Good night folks!!!!

That’s it we off?
Yeah I think so.
Well I thought that went pretty good.
And to think Banana thought she would get the ‘wrath of saxon’ on his blog. We didn’t mention her once did we.
Emm bob.
Yes Jim.
The microphones still on.
Oops… Do you think Saxon will fire us for this?
Na, He’s probably still in his room feeling all Sad and moaping around, for crashing and burning again and forced to spend another night with the TV.
Yeah, he is a loser.
Great, now we’re sure to get fired.................


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banana said...

I think you'll find that it was I, banana, who was afraid of the wrath of Saxon not Cordelia unless she sent you the same text!

Saxon said...

es, sorry. Too many people too may code names. my fault!

Fraggle said...

Officially the funniest post in a blog ever, anywhere, by anyone!