Tuesday, October 03, 2006

from the mists of time

Well I went back to the Doctors again today, as my knee was still hurting.
Well goods news first, as the pain as been lessening in my knee she's not that concerned, and doesn't want to refer me to the psycio as it isn't that bad and is improving. Besides apparently he has a 6 month waiting list. That’s right Six whole months and hopefully at the rate it's been improving it should be okay by then. Downside, I have to keep an eye on 'it' as it were because she fairly certain I’ve damaged some ligaments in my knee which is what's causing the pain. If my knee doesn't get any better I'm going to have to go back and she's going to have to refer me anyway. So keep your fingers crossed for me guys

Well I'm not in work this week. I have the whole week off. Ya!!!! Yes yours truly, managed to mess up his calculations for time in lieu good and proper so I had much, much more then I thought and as it's a use it or loose it deal, I decided to opt to use it :-) Tough choice right? Now all I've got to do is to think of something constructive to do. Isn't life tough :-)

Well we go a new TV. A all new, all singing, all dancing digital one with the digital channels built in. ( okay I might be fibbing about the all singing and all dancing part but that would be groovy though to have a TV that could do that right? although it might be a bit hard to see a clear picture and oh look I'm rambling again). Of course ironically instead of now sitting there and gripping that there are three things I wanna watch on at the same time, there’s now like 12 or 15 instead. Argghhhhh!!!!!! Oh well I suppose it's another one of those " Just can't win scenarios"

Institute was as good as ever last week. We've had a new student join the class. She's an American and is over here for a year studying Victorian history. The cars going in for it’s major service at the end of this week. It’s going to be expensive but can’t be avoided. L Unless I want the engine to fall out of it, and I’ve been told that’s never good.

oh well, can't think of much else to say for now.
so later!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. I hope Amber can warn this girl about the Victorian studies program and all the grief the department gave her. It's good to know what you're up against!