Friday, September 08, 2006

Where are all the rocket cars?

Well Nasa is attempting to launch the shuttle Atlantis yet again. And it looks like that the launch could well be scrubbed again as something else has gone wrong. It's a far cry from the original plan for the shuttle which called for it to be able to make weekly trips into orbit. Yeah, that worked out didn't it fellas? However while poking around the internet I have found a very interesting site called Encyclopedia Astronautica. Think of it as as wilkepedia for all things spaceflight and when I say all things I mean all things. It's got details on every space mission, astronaut, cancelled missions and even more interestingly ( well to me at least) all of the plans which were drawn up for potential space craft, space stations and missions. It's nice in a retrospective kinda away especially looking at the plans for the early seventies and eighties, to wonder where we might be now if they had actually gone ahead. Maybe we would really have rocket cars? who knows?

Well that's enough of being philosophical me thinks. It's the last day of Grumpys holiday as he's back at work on Monday thank goodness. He has been driving me crazy! Not the least the fact that he still doesn't clean up after himself so it's left to muggins here to do it! He's out tonight, although I have the sneaking suspicion that it was a little bit annoying that he's on the buses again as I need the car to go to the barbecue. Well if he is feeling ticket, tough! It's not like he's contributing anything towards the loan or car tax or insurance and there is the little fact that it's MY car, so my feelings of guilt are definitely at a minimum. :-)

We have the YSA barbecue tonight so it will be time for a quick change when I get home and head outta the door. Fortunately it's only at the Chapel. I would have had real problems if it had been over at the mcreynolds. Well not problems per say it's just I wouldn't want to get lost and go on a magical mystery tour of the Leicestershire countryside in the early hours of the morning.

Ooo, LDS Linkup update up to 16 friends and 3, yes that's right 3 comments now. Although two of them are only from people who know me moderately or not very well. I suppose it's either a little disturbing or maybe a sign that someone's trying to tell me that maybe nobody knows me that well. Who knows? I guess we shall see.

Lets see news wise, a Dalmatian has given birth to a litter of 15 puppies which is one of the countries biggest ever litters. Tony Blair, says he'll step down within a year, Minster advisors now reckon schoolchildren should be given compulsory lessons about the benefits of abortion ( what the hell?), it turns out a diver who was missing for three days at sea before being rescued was actually out shopping (pillock) and scientist have apparently made a monumentous discovery that a patient trapped in a persistent vegetative state is aware of the world around them and can hear people. Well it might be a monumentous discovery but to be brutally honest I find it more then a little horrifying, it's well I find it beyond imagining as to what that would be like. Fully aware yet trapped inside your own body. I'm fairly certain that I would go mad pretty darned quickly if something like that ever happened to me.

wow, even thinking of something like that has given me the shivers. So


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