Monday, September 11, 2006

Make your own caption 6

Cordeila and nick
Cordeila, Michelle and Boss Lady

Boss Lady and Cordeila


Sam Liddicott said...


Cordelia and Nick, disguised as eachother (AGAIN) use Cordelia's pacemaker a make-shift lepton-radiation detector.

A previously unknown group of actors attempt a public performance of Waiting for Godot...

and unexpectedly also have to double as the audience...

but Boss Lady isn't satisfied with the performance of Cordelia who pretends she has something in her eye

Sam Liddicott said...

Enginseer's brother kissing Cordelia who is disguised as Enginseer. Her lepton radiation detector gives the game away though. Passers by pay them no heed.

Claire shows Banana how pretending to have something in her eye when blokes passing by stare at her from behind stops their girlfriends taking it out on her.

Enginseer (appearing as himself) tries to decide whether his brothers are disguised as eachother or not, or if thats really Cordelia playing it cool. Passers-by try to join in the puzzle.