Thursday, September 14, 2006

The time is far spent, theres none left.

For the attention of all US friends and Families of Nemesis,

The shipping company more commonly know as the Leicestershire YSA are pleased to announce the dispatch of your package 1Z59ABCDEFGHIJK657 more commoningly known as Nemesis which should be with you soon. Please see attached photographic proof

Please note the Leicester YSA offer no guarantees for returning her in the same state of mind or sanity in which she arrived and we deny all responsibility for any crazy sounding words or phrases, which seemingly make no snse to you such as " I'm going to put the rubbish in the bin " or " I'm going to put the shopping in the boot" , she may have picked up while she was over here.
We also disavow all responsibility for the method of transportation once we dispatched her and any bad food, crying babies, smug know it all flight attendants, chatty people in the seat next to her, long queues, bad movies or any lumps in the seat which may result during her trip.

We also deny any accountability for the condition of Nemesis upon arrival and any tiredness, crankiness, short temper, chapped lips or general zombie like acting which may have resulted from shipping.

If at any point you would like to return her to us for a visit please be advised that we will accept her back like a shot.

So say we all.