Monday, October 03, 2011

A world class hissy fit

There's a bit of a standing joke between grumpy and myself at the moment that if we go out we never have to check the letter box needlessly to see if the post has been ( or any number of people dropping leaflets, charity bags of betterware catalogues) as we have always get a very big clue.

You see Owen doesn't like people approaching "his house" and tends to get a little bit upset about it. Now his main weapon of choice for venting this displeasure used to be shoes, which meant we had to move all of the shoes out of the hall as we didn't want to get teeth marks on them as he threw them around in a berserk temper.

Now he uses his bed. Yes you read that correctly, he uses his bed and basically throws it round in a complete temple which usually ends with it upside down and insdie out ( literally).

Well he went one better this morning as he managed to get his paws on a pack of toilet rolls, proceeded to rip open the packaging and proceeded to scatter the rolls throughout the downstairs of good ole geektowers. There were toilet rolls in the hall, the lounge, the dining room and even the kitchen apparently. The only good thing was that he didn't unroll the darn things.

Grumpys suggestion was maybe that we let him watch too much tv and he was inspired by the andrex puppy.


Later folks

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