Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool, calm and zen like

Working in customer service I am very concious of when having to deal with other people in the customer service industry to keep nice and friendly as lets face it, I know exactly what it's like to be on the other side of the lines as it were and it's not nice when someone looses their cool.

However I was finding it very hard to keep my cool this evening when trying to talk to member of the customer service team at a certain well known internet anti-virius provider who could have been quite honest and explain that dispite the disputes in some charges, he was having difficulty locating them he would endeavour to solve things as quickly as possible.

What he actually did was for want of a better term, was to hide behind his computer, claim they hadn't done any additional charges, actually tell me I was wrong, ask me three times for the same bit of information before actually using the line " well the computer says no".

Still I tried to remain calm as maybe this was his best. Maybe it wasn't his fault, maybe it was just the level of training he had received? and maybe his supervisor who I was sure he ran off to see when he placed me on hold would prove to be more useful. So whilst waiting I decided to try and pass the team by mentally tallying up every point where he would have been cut off at the knee's in one of my works kpi's.

Fortunatly they were and managed to get things sorted. Which was good as it was getting quite late and I was starting to get cranky.

But at least there's only one more day before the weekend. Although of course with it being a Friday it tends to be either one extreme or the other and based on the week we've been having I'm fairly certain it will be going to the "downright odd" end of the spectrum.

Speaking of work I'm shortly going to be moving desks again as part of another team reshuffle. So this is going to be my 8th desk move in just under two years. Well at least it keeps things interesting even if with the new desk I'm going to technically be being "put in a corner:-)"


Later folks.

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