Friday, September 30, 2011


The only downside with the joy of knowing that it's a Friday and that you have two whole days of freedom before it's back to work is the knowledge that you have to get through the Friday first.

And Fridays at my work are always interesting. Especially when it gets to the afternoon and what we refer to as the "omg it's not here yet" factor starts to come into play.

Still it's the weekend now so all's well that ends well there I guess :-)

Also on the plus side we're getting a whole week of dress down next week as well as lots of motivational events which are promising to be a lot of fun.

The theme is going to be "refocus, relax, recharge" and as part of the relax/recharge bit there getting the massage ladies they had last time back in again. Which is great as they were fantastic. So A free lengthy shoulder massages by professionals? Why yes please!

( my jobs so cool sometimes).


Later folks

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