Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maybe you can look that up on the internet....but only when you get home

Wednesdays are always difficult for two reasons. Firstly that as it's the middle of the week it's always seems much longer and harder then other days and secondly it really does seem to turn into a anything and everything could happen kind of day.

Anyway, one of the girls from my team ( who is the massively outdoors one, does rafting, canoeing and all sorts of other things ) was talking about that she had run into a old aquaintence from school on Saturday night whilst she was having a night on the town. ( she used a slightly different turn of phrase which I won't use as it was depressingly chavish.)

Which in turn reminded me of a time I ran into somebody in the supermarket who greeted me warmly, asked how things were etc all the time I was frantically trying to remember who he was. It was only later that day that I suddenly remembered he was in my form at college. But I digress which are regular readers will know is not uncommon in the slightest.

Right back to the story, yes the girl then started to relate how the guy she ran into was asking her questions about life etc, etc, before suddenly asking her if she was librarian. When she then related to us she could understand him making this mistake as she wears glasses, wears her hair up most of the time and can look quite nerdish when wearign a skirt and blouse at times ( those were her words not mine and that loud bang you just heard was probably nemesis's head exploding when she read that :-)

Anyway, the girl then added that it was the guys next assumption that really surprised her as he then asked
" Are you still a lesbian?"

Which really annoyed her ( she isn't one in case you were wondering) because as she explained " who meets a person after several years and asks them almost straight away if they are some kind of Lesbian Librarian?

And it was at this point one of the guys decided to interject with a question, and the rest of the conversation kind of went like this;

Guy: What would one do anyway?
Girl: What?
Guy: What would a lesbian librarian do as part of their job?
Girl: Why are you thinking about this?
Guy: Well if that's their job title, what must the job entail?
Girl: Why are you asking me?
Guy: Because I'm just wondering.
Saxon: If you really want to know I'm sure there's plenty of information on the internet.


Later folks

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