Monday, October 10, 2011

The sky is falling. Again!

Okay, so apparently another satellite is falling to Earth and of course the top minds in the world, with access to the latest and greatest technology can once again say with great authority.............................

They have no idea where it's going to land. I think the only great mind who needs to sum this up goes by the name of Homer

" D'oh!"

And to add to the fun this one has a special heat resistant mirror which apparently could survive re-entry ( who will get the seven years bad luck for breaking this mirror) which means the falling pieces could not only be travelling very fast but could also be razor sharp. Not that if it were to hit anything that's probably going to mke much difference mind you.

Plus of course the scientists kept tempting the greats universal gods of fate and irony by keeping saying that in 50 years no one has ever been hit by a falling satellite!

There's always going to be a first time!

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