Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Midway to nowhere

Well it's Wednesday which means we've reached that point of the week where everything seems to slump a little as you precisely no closer to the following weekend then you are away from the previous weekend.

Still the CS week of activities we've been having at work has been quite fun, the massage ladies on Monday were very, very good and I really could have stayed there for the rest of my shift with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Of course the only problem with having all of the stress and tension throughly released from your neck and shoulders is that you then get to experience the "fun" of feeling it all creep back in there.

C'est la vie I guess :-)

But I guess the tension wasn't helped by the fact that I had to go back to hell again yesterday...... err sorry I mean the dentists for the second round of work on one of my teeth. Fortunatly I only have to go one time next week and that ( touch wood, cross fingets etc) will be it because if there's one place that terrifies me like no other in the world it's that place. No matter how many times the dentist tells me to relax and there's nothing to worry about (easy for him to say he's on the other end of the drill :-)

Owen caused me great amusement last night as not only did we find that out of some left overs he had been given after dinner does he not like vegetables, he actually carefully removed them from his bowl and left them in a ring around the outside so he could actually get to his food that he did like.

Of course we would have been even more impressed if he had put them back in the bowl when he had finished but I suppose you can't have everything in life :-)

Later folks

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