Thursday, October 06, 2011

Would still never watch it anyway

Well it seems that after making some cuts which in the words of the makers " Do not compromise the story telling and keep the level of horror intact" that the "human centipede II" has been given a certificate and will now be released in the uk.

There are two interesting things with this story. Firstly that a member of the British board of certification apparently abstained from the vote to classify this film. This is the same board who said a couple of months ago that no matter how many cuts ( apparently only 2 minutes 37 seconds worth) were made to the film they would not pass it.

Secondly is when this was discussed at work of those people who would admit to watching "Human centipede I" all of them admitted that the film had stuck with them and not in a good way. A few of the phrases used were sick, messed up and I wish I had never watched it!

So this should be fair warning for anyone who is intrigued by the media hype and has a " Oh what the heck lets go and see what it's all about moment" especially as the film maker, yes that's right the guy who made both films declared that the 1st film would look like "My little pony" when compared to the sequel.

So just watch a DVD instead. Or even better you know those rectangle things on your shelves which you have picked up in a while and are covered in dust. Their called books, try reading one :-)

Later Folks

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