Sunday, October 09, 2011

Things you never expect to hear at church activity 2#

( overheard during the indexing service project at the multi-stake activityday)

Girl: So why does't this women have a job listed
Instructor: Because she probably didn't have one
Girl: Why? ( then she starts chatting to her friend)
Instructor: Because she was probably like a lot of women back then and her main job was being a homemaker and making babies
Girl: You want us to make babies?
Instructor: What?
Girl: You just told me you wanted me to make babies
Instructor: No, I said the women back then were mainly homeowners and made babies
Girl: Oh, I thought you told me to make babies
Instructor: Why would I tell you to do that?
Girl: I have no idea but I was starting to get quite worried about what you actually wanted us to do in this workshop

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