Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just hanging around

So I was wondering if I was starting to think that I was hearing things at church this morning as when I sat down I heard a loud and rather odd buzzing sound. Physics who had just arrived at that point had already seen it was the alarm for the disabled toilet and it was a probably a false alarm.

But after a couple of minutes he declared that maybe someone should go and check it anyway as if everyone was assuming it was a false alarm, there could be somebody who really did need assistance.

And then he failed to come back which started to worry me, so I went to look for him and strangely enough found him standing in the disabled toilets with a big knife trying to help Bro Y who does lots of building maintence as he was trying to find out why the alarm wouldn't turn off ( the knife was becuase nobody had a screwdriver in case you were wondering). After much indepth analaysis he managed to fix the alarm in the only way he knew how...... he cut the power to the buzzer and will come back and fix it tomorrow.

I then noticed that the walls and door from the top foyer have gone, leaving it all open plan. When I pointed this out to physics he looked and me confused before informing me they hadn't been there last week!

So church had barely started and I was already believing that I was hearing things and had a epic failure of observational skills!

Anyway then in priesthood we were having one of those lessons that despite my best intentions, my attention was wondering slightly, so I'm not entirely sure how we got to this poiint but there you go, but one guy started talking about how the generation before his in the church were really strong and yet now you had a generation who thought it was okay to be hanging around and not get married.

And yes I didn't imagine that, he actually said " a generation who thought it was okay to be hanging around and not get married". So they you have it apparently I'm not married because I've chosen to hang around. See you can learn something new everyweek.

But that did remind me of a charming fellow who was at the multi stake activity day last week who came to talk to a guy I was speaking to. He was bursting with pride and wanted to tell him that he had scored a "date with that hot little blonde" who had been in the kitchen. He then announced that he was hedging his bets though by getting another date with another girl already as there was no reason for him to be dateless if the first one didn't go so well. The guy I was talking to then asked him if the second date was with a certain girl. The charming fellow then replied that now that girl was going to be his if all else fails and he can't get another date as and i quote " Because she's too desperate, as she's 30 and will be aware her clocks ticking".

I was kinda glad I was drinking or eating anything at this point as I'm sure I would have started choking as the universe once again showed that it can be dreadfully unfair sometimes as I have oh lets see no dates at present and not only does he have two ( well technically three) all with different girls.

Still I cheered myself up with the thought that if he had ever said anything like that in earshot of anyone like Nemesis or Scully or pretty much any female YSA we'd have probably never found the body.

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow which promises to be a especially fun day as we're getting a brand new phone system installed which we're all going to have to try and get used to using.

So lots of opportunities this week me thinks.

Later Folks

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Scully said...

You are correct, sir. Also, we might have also made sure that such information was known to everyone else of the female persuasion.