Tuesday, October 04, 2011

So are you parent 1 or parent 2?

Well despite going very quiet for a while, political correctness seems to have decided to go out and hide out at the passport office as one story which caught my eye recently proved.

It seems that they are currently planning to remove "gender" from passports, i.e you will no longer be listed as male or female as this apparently discriminates againist transgender people.

Of course once this came up it was then proposed by another equal rights group that you should no longer have "mother" or "father" listed as this discriminates againist same sex couples who have children. So instead of Mother or Father they want to have "parent 1 " and "parent 2"

However this of course has apparently lead to another complaint from another equal rights group as if the mother is listed as parent 2 this discriminates againist women as by saying they are parent 2 and the male or "father" is parent 1 by implying that the males always come before females.

So as you can imagine this story seems to bear all of the hallmarks of running on and on in ever decreasing circles. Whilst it does that I'm going to go and hide under the desk and weep for the future of humanity.

Later folks


Malaysia 11 said...

Absolute political correctness gone mad ! I genuinely fear for humanity as a whole and my grandchildrens's future heaven help them all and please Lord someone somewhere will see sense eventually!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

So maybe I should be Parent A and my Hubby Parent B.

Saxon said...

well I would agree with that Alice but you'd probably then get told off by a group for Fathers rights that your discriminating againist men now.

Which is why the grown up adult response that government agencies should take when people start saying these things is too stick their fingers in their ears and start singing " La, la, la, I'm not listening"

Or tell them to email


Saxon said...

I think eventually it will have to get to a point where somebody says enough is enough