Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why spelling is always important

Even by the standards of work we're having a especially strange week this week. Which may be in part I suppose to the christmas run up starting.

And before you mention we're only in October and how can the christmas rush possible be starting, I'd just liek to remind you of the advent calenders already in the shops.

Anyway, we received a important lesson yesterday about the importance of more haste less speed and why spell checking is always important as one of the guys was using a instant messaging program to communicate with another facility. What he meant to say was

" It's not out today today then"

What he actually managed to write was almost correct asides from the fact he added a additional T in a very unfortunate place, which as he was speaking to female member of staff, caused a rapid loss of colour from his face and a repeated mantra of " no, no, no" as he seemed to be conjuring up images of a sexual harressment case.

Fortunatly the staff member he was speaking to had a fantastic sense of humour and quickly realised that he had made a simple spelling mistake because when he quickly sent a grovelling apology her response was along the lines of saying that was shame as she was going to ask him out as she liked men who were forward :-)

Our manager also had a sense of humour as when he went to nervously confess what had happened ( before he had got that response) she simply roared with laughter for a good few minutes leaving him somewhat confused.

But anyway, it's only two days into the week so there's a lot of potential for things to get even stranger.

And I'm sure they will.............

Later folks

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