Monday, October 17, 2011

The sky didn't fall, the world didn't end and nothing blew up. Bring on Tuesday then I guess

It's been a interesting day at work, mainly as they introduced a brand new all singing, all dancing system that was supposed to make everything far more effective and easier for everyone.

However what everybody tends to forget with any ( it based ) system that is all new, all singing, all dancing and is intended to make life more effective and easier is that when it first goes on line it is far from the all singing, all dancing system that will make life more effective and easier. There is always one or two teething problems.

So this is why for the couple of hours we had a whole lot of technical people running back and forth trying to make sure that any issues which did surface were rapidly stomped on.

Which went really well untl one of the guys from our team asked a innocent question that not only confused one of the technical people, it managed to confuse 5, yes 5 of them in one go! Which did lead to a rather amusing moment when our manager came round the corner and almost stopped in mid stride with a sheer look of panic on her face wondering what one of her guys had done to need the attentions of 5 technical people!

However this was quickly followed by another amusing moment when a sixth technical guy arrived and promptly solved the issue within 15 seconds.

Still at least everything ( touch wood, cross fingers, etc, etc) seems to be running okay now and after all it did make this monday far more entertaining then a usual monday.

Later folks

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