Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When one door closes another one opens. You just have to hope it's not a trapdoor

Well after having the house to myself over the weekend I'm having to get used to both Grumpy and Owen being back. Which mainly means remembering to tidy up after myself and not leaving any food too close to the edge of the counter :-)

I'm also having to get used to life without a calling as this Sunday at Stake Conference I was released as a member of the YSA Presidency. I was expecting it at somepont ( as I become mega old as of August after all :-) But I was kinda hoping to keep going for a little bit longer.

Still I wasn't the only one, it's been a almost complete change as the only one still there is Kmcr. Everyone else was released.

Well except Bro H of course. He'll still be there as ever teaching institiute.

We're getting a "surprise" at work tomorrow to reward us for all of our good work. We also got a dress down week as well, which is nice as it gets me out of ironing shirts for a whole week :-)

Mind you this didn't stop today being rather ( a massive understatement mind you to use the term rather) busy.

Well at least it keeps me out of mischief I suppose:-)

later folks

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