Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ninja Nuns

It seems almost inevitable that whenever you have a big public event/occurance you will get conspiracy theories.

And the first one has already surfaced about the Royal Wedding. It resolves around the nuns involved in the wedding cermony or the "ninja Nuns" as they are apparently started to be referred to as.

Now this has apparently started due to three things. Firstly one of the nuns hasn't been identified, secondly the mystery nun is a lot taller and more atheletic looking then the other and lastly that she was wearing trainers.

So that is apparently folks how you can go from a normal Nun to a ninja nun in three easy steps. By nobody knowing your name, being tall and wearing trainers.

But that does prompy another thought. If you can get Ninja Nuns, can you get viking vicars?

Later folks

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