Friday, May 06, 2011

Hammer Time

Well it was off out to the movies tonight to see the new film "thor".

Now it did look good but lets face it after the massive disappointment of Sucker punch I really wasn't getting my hopes up.......

but I'm pleased to report it was very, very good. I even got all of the injokes in it which is probably sad testimony to just how much rubbish I know.

I was slightly annoyed that I missed the end of credit sequence. i should have know better then that, marvel films always have a end of credits sequence. So I went and missed the bit with NF in.

Hopefully that won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know way more then they should about the world of marvel.

Anyway, it's the weekend now followed by a whole week of holiday which I feel like I reaallyyyyy need.

It was also good that I remembered to book in so far in advance. The holiday diary is now booked solid for the next three months! Slight downside for being in such a large team now but c'est la vie.

Later Folks

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