Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May you live in interesting times

It's been a rather interesting couple of days.

Firstly when I went back to work I was surprised that we were being given the next set of our new "responsibilities" well straight away, which meant quite literally being throwing in at the deep end. The learning curve has quite frankly being horribly high as the new things were are doing are very different.

But on the other hand it's also proven to be a interesting challenge. Which is what I'm going to keep telling myself until I get a good handle on things whilst trying not to tear my hair out.

There's been the announcement of another engagement in the YSA which will no doubt bring a fresh round of the " So what's wrong with you game?" as people look at the older YSA who are not married and try and figure out why their not happily married.

Some of the members of my team at work find the whole church with dating and marriage really interesting ( for that read they find it funny, strange and somewhat bizzare especially the whole " menance to society thing" ). I was talking to one of the girls this morning who told me not to worry as she was sure people hadn't given up on me, she then proceeded to say that I only had to worry if people weren't trying to set me up on dates with their friends as that would be a really bad sign. Cue a long moment of silence and one rather horrified young lady who realised she had just put her foot in it. I assured her I wasn't offended as it was obivous to all there had been no malice behind her comment.

Finally I've been having problems finding creative focus at the moment. For that read I've been a bit bored and can't find something constructive to do. Which is somewhat frustrating but c'est la vie I guess.

Later Folks,

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Scully said...

In my experience it isn't the not having friends trying to set you up, but rather trying to set you up with ANYONE in an attempt to get you married, rather than in the interest of your happiness. If that makes sense. But seriously, some people are so interested in making sure everyone is married, they don't pay attention to the individuals. Which is what I find the most depressing and offensive.

In other news, what are your thoughts on Doctor Who? I'm loving the fact that the episodes are readily available (legally) at the same time.