Saturday, May 28, 2011

I was going to mention the Doctor... Doctor who?

I've so far not really talked much about this season of Doctor Who.

Now I was going to start talking about it in this post however even with the broadcast following so closely in the USA so Scully wil lbe seeing it rather soon, I absolutely can not mention even the slightest hint yet of what's happened in tonight's episode as I would totally ruin it for anyone ( USA based or otherwise) who has not seen it yet.

Even the vaguest clue might spoil it.

You'll understand when you watch it.

It's been a day of other surprises as well whcih weren't as big a surprise as it should have been as I realised I was half expecting one of htem even though I didn't realise I was.


Yeah me too.

I'll go more into depth on that one tomorrow.


Later folks

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