Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another one of those special times of year

Well it's that time of year again when the car has to go into the garage for it's MOT.

Then muggins here spends most of the day pacing back and forth nervously waiting for the phone to ring.

And today was no expection. Plus what really didn't help was the tons of marketing calls we seemed to be getting today for some strange reason. Which could have either been a massive coincidence or the universe was winding me up you decide......

Still I was rather happy when the car managed to pass it's Mot with no problems. Which considering the age of the car and it's mileiage was by no means a foregone conclusion.

It may be old now, a bit battered and if you believe some people the reason why I don't have more dates ( nope not making that last one up someone actually said that to my face) but it's been a very reliable little car.


Later folks

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