Monday, May 09, 2011

For the wargamer who must have everything

Wargamers. Well they can be a weird bunch. Exhibit A well I'm one for a start.

But even I was a little taken back to see a news items together showing the latest release from a company which you can now use in certain wargames.

And here it is?
Any ideas what it is? Nope? Well I'll give you a clue it's been in the news a lot over the past week or so.

Yes, the pennies dropped now hasn't it? ( if it hasn't you obivously need to watch more news) What you can see in the picture above you is a complete scale replica of the compound osma bin laden was hiding in when the americans finally caught up with him.

What kind of game you can use this in I have no idea and quite frankly I didn't look at the rest of the website to see what else they make!

The mind boggles.

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