Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mmmm cookie

Well as it turned out we got two surprises at work today. Well intentional ones at least. Firstly all of the drinks machines were put on free vend for most of the day ( admitially little use to me as most of the drinks were tea and coffee.C'est la vie but at least the thought was nice :-) Secondly we all got a choice of a free cake or cookie.

And we're not talking cheap 99p packet of cookies from the local corner shop. These were fresh from the bakers, big as your hand kind of cookies and cakes.

Which although not good for you in the slightest, it has a really interesting way of raising your day.

The bbc has released more trailers for this weeks episode of Doctor Who which are awesome but I'm not going to post them as I'm aware that the last episode still hasn't aired in the USA and I really don't want to spoil anything for my american readers.

They've also posted a nifty little prequel which I also can't post well asides from the final line which is just awesome
" You know what he is, you know what he's done. Gods help us if you've made him angry!"


Later folks

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