Friday, May 27, 2011

Says it all really

I was less then surprised to see which news story was dominated all of the front pages of todays papers when I had to get some petrol on the way into work. Now you may think it was would be the story about the capture of a wanted war criminal.

And you would be..... totally and 100% wrong.

What important news story managed to batter this story off the front pages I hear you ask?

Why the news that cheryl cole has been booted off the american version of the x-factor.

Seriously that is the main news stories in most papers this morning.

I might have spent more time dwelling on that even I was spending so much on trying to stay awake as I had a rather early start to the day as I had to run grumpy into town to catch a coach.

In fact so early I now know that it starts to get light at 4.15am. I didn't know that. I do now though. Not that I wanted to know that and or actually needed to know it but c'est la vie I guess :-)

Of course after dropping him off I thought it would be relatively simple to come home and go back to bed before having to get up for work.

But it didn't work like that, oh no. I didn't get back to sleep in the slightist. Which meant by the time I got to work I had already been awake for nearly five hours. Trying to do a regular Friday like that would have been bad enough, but the last Friday before a bank holiday it was shall we say even more interesting.

By the time I got home I ended up falling asleep on the settee straight away. Which can lead to some confusion when you are watching the start of the simpsons and wake up to see the end of the hollyoaks.

Still it could have been a lot worse. The volcanon in Iceland stopped errupting before it could have any major effects otherwise our week would have been even more fun.


Later folks.

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