Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's easy to forget

For those of you who live under a rock, or just don't pay any attention to the news whatsoever you would have missed that a certain church had forcast the end of the world.


Like a lot people I found it slightly amusing especially as the whole thing seemed to paraody a simpson's episode where Homer predicted the end of the world after likewise "decoding" the date from the bible. He even made a wrong prediction just the minister in this church.

But now it's today and unless I'm just one of the most incredibily unobservant people ever the world hasn't ended. Which has made this group the butt of rather a lot of jokes.

I was reading the story about this group when a thought suddenly struck me. The one thing that most people are missing is that these people really believed that the world was going to end, that was it, game over etc. They were not expecting to still be here today. That was their faith and now... well I'm sure not even they know what their going to do now.

I'd hate to be in that postion.

Anyway in a case of somewhat ironic timing another volcano in Iceland has gone and errupted. Now apparently the ash cloud is being blown towards europe but depending on which news reports you read and or believe this kind of ash may have no effect or will close down european airspace again.

Which means one way or another my team is likely to be in for one heck of a busy week either way.


Later folks

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