Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tea Lady, Tea Lady bring us a cake

Due to the nature of our work, we have to spend a long time at our desks and sometimes people might want something a bit sweet and sugary to keep them going before their break rolls round and the vending machines are oh so far away from their desks.

So the canteen send round one of their staff with a tea trolley at regular intervals. She always goes on the same route and some people don't even have to get up from their desks to get a cup of tea ( I'm telling you all this for a reason bear with me)

Anyway she put me into a complete fit of the giggles this morning as when she walked passed she consipratorly lent over and asked me if we had all got told off this morning.

I asked her what she meant and she pointed out that a large chunk of my team had all been buying tea and chocolate this morning. So she thought that either meant we were the most unlucky in love team in the whole building and most of us were going through a bad break up or we had all got told off and needing cheering up.

Somebody at work also came to the conclusion that the bank holiday weeked just gone here in the UK should forever be remembered as the Disney bank holiday weekend as the common girl became a royal, the prince got the girl and the bad guy was well got.

The weathers being a bit hit and miss right now as it seems to be very sunny but rather cold. Still it could be worse, at least as I'm on lates this week I get a lie in.


Later folks

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