Sunday, June 12, 2011

Probably the wrong kind

It's been raining today.

Heck lets just call it what it has been doing. It's been raining a lot. Near non stop as a matter of fact in that horrid kind of way which I can best describe in a single word "yuck".

Anyway it goes to prove that the weather has a sense of irony as it starts throwing it down just a day or so after it was declared that parts of the UK are already in drought (and we're only in the middle of June.) However this declaration seems even more bizare as it's still been cold enough at times to warrent the central heating.

Still it will take a few more days of this rain for it to make any difference. However I have no doubt even it was to rain non stop for the next three weeks ( I'm not saying that would be okay just in case the weather is listening mind you) we would probably still be told it was the "wrong kind of rain" for it to make any difference.

Besides it's Monday tomorrow and rain on a Monday never makes for a good start to the week. Maybe it will hold off until the afternoon? That would make for a better week?

Hmm maybe whilst I'm wishing I better wish for some more realistic things as well, maybe 2 million pounds, a army of minions, a intergalatic spacecraft and a love lift that isn't doa...................................

Yes I know that's a completely unrealistic thing to wish for, where am I going to get a intergalatic spacecraft :-)

Later folks

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