Monday, June 27, 2011

By hook or by crook

I can't remember exactly how it started but now every Saturday we alays have lunch out somewhere in Loughborough. Now where we go depends on what we currently "feel like" but we seem to end up going to one place for a little while before moving onto somewhere else.

Now this Saturday we have just arrived at the place for lunch when we noticed a young lad suddenly emerge from the bushes. Now we assumed it had just come from the park next door and didn't think much of it.

Until whilst half way across the car park I happened to glance back and noticed the kid had started to swing a rather large bright orange rope around his head.

And that wasn't all. Attached to the end of the rope was a rather large metal hook which seem to be about half the size of his arm. He then proceeded to let the rope go and fling it uptowards the tree. The hook caught, he pulled it a couple of times and it promptly fell to the ground. Which I initially found amusing.

Until he then did it again.

Now I like to think I have a reasonable amount of interllect even if my common sense can sometimes be lacking to a breathtaking degree, but it only took me a couple of seconds of quick figuring out to realise that his rope was long enough for the hook to reach a car and guess whose car was the only car it would reach?

After a quick discussion Grumpy and I decided to head back across the car park, watching with increasing concern as the rope was let fly again and again and again. The Lad finally noticed us walking across to the car park. Grumpy asked him very nicely if he would mind moving away and doing... well what ever it was he was doing somewhere else. At which point the lad quickly exclaimed
" I wasn't going to hit your car or nufthing" before scuttling away through the hedge.

We looked at each other shrugged and went back across the car park to the entrance. I was just about there when I suddenly felt the need to look back over my shoulder and what do you suppose I saw?

That's right the little so and so had re-emerged from the bushes and was back up to his swinging the rope around. I had enough at this point and decided it was time to move the car!

When I went back across the car park, he saw me coming and simply said
" I told you I wasn't gonna damage your car. What's the problem?"

I simply decided to ignore him and moved the car across the car park as far as I could. I did watch him for a second just I went in and saw he was starting to start to move out into the car park edging closer to more cars.

Slightly annoyed at his antics I decided the only thing left I could was to be even more mature ( i.e act like a grumpy old man) and go and tell the staff that a random kid was enjoying himself by twirling a hook on a bit of rope round his head in the car park.

I think the staff member was worried I was winding her up for a second!

I dunno maybe I was showing my age and it's just now the new in thing with the "kidz" today. Kinda like " ball in a cup" you now get " hook on a rope"?


Oh okay then.

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