Friday, June 24, 2011

I know it shouldn't but this one is baffling me

I deal with a lot of different kind of customers on a well a daily basis really. There are all sorts of customers from really nice ones to the not so nice ones who can be awkward, bossy and downright rude.

And that last point is often a complete understatement which although unfortunate is a fact of life. If you can't accept that and or are unwilling to accept that, that can happen we all know where the door is.

But even I was taken back when somebody called me a Politician this morning as it must be the weirdest thing I've ever been called and I'm still not totally sure if it was meant to be a insult or a compliment ( Grumpys suggestion was that I should sue for defermation of character!).

It was just a totally baffling thing to have happened. It was even more baffling then the time somebody asked me if I was gay and then declared I must be gay " coz I don't talk proper". In case anybody was wondering I'm pretty sure the irony of his statement went straight over his head.

Although I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the time if we get talked to badly it's because of what I like to call the "non face to face" effect. It's a lot easier to get nasty with a "voice" on the other end of the phone then talking to somebody in a store.

The second effect I've noticed is the "supervisor effect" most of the time if you have somebody who demands to speak to a supervisor, they will accept from the supervisor exactly what you might have just told them even if it is ( and many times it is!) exactly what you have told them word for word.

But at the end of the day it's just all c'est la vie. Another day of fun and games in the wonderful world of customer service.

Later folks

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